Good News & Bad News

Bad news is that over the next week, I’m pretty busy so I doubt I’m gonna have time to make any animations for you all. Good news; The week after that I will have plenty of time and might even try and go for an animation a day.

So over the next week would be a brilliant time for any who has requests/ideas/etc to PM them me and I could possibly end up doing them. The animations for next week will be 18+ ones so Ellie and Victoria requests won’t be done (yet). On that note, I have a couple in the works for those 2 so I’ll also release those next week or if I find any time this week

Anonymous asked:

Do you have a model that you would like to see animated more? Also could you make Gaige or Angel from Borderlands getting fucked?

I don’t think I have a specified model I’d like to see more of. There’s a lot more new artists who are covering models amazingly which kinda covers it. I’d love to use Angel but I don’t have her model yet. I’ll have a look around and see if it’s been released or not

Another one with Clara and Aiden and a dark place. Glad the hype for her died now (or has it?)

Angle 1:-

1080p: (GIF)
720p 60fps: (GIF)

Angle 2:-

1080p: (GIF)
720p 60fps: (GIF)

Edit: Fixed the 720p link

LowRider’s Mega-Release 2 | April - August Animations 2014

Time for another big download of all the animations I’ve done since April (from the Chell anim) up until the last which was with Elizabeth. There’s 2 different downloads. One with all 1080p/30fps, the other with 720p/half 60fps as I only started to do the 60fps ones recently. These packs will never include any Ellie or Victoria animations I do, you can download those separately from

Download 1080p Pack (966mb)

Download 720p Pack (707mb)

If the links ever go down, I’ll try to keep them updated but if I forget, a simple PM will remind me

Q&A Big Post

So its the big post time and I’ve added in some questions that are old that have been asked or just common questions people have

"Where can I download the models you use?"
Probably one of the most common question asked. There are various places to find models. The main two I use are SFMLab and the DigitalEro forums. You can also download models from the SFM Workshop and the Gmod one. You’ve just got to use a GMA converter (which is how I got the Aiden model)

"Can you do (specific request)?"
I do read everyone’s PM and if you do ask for a request, its more of a 50-50 if I do it or not. It depends on if its, A. A good request and B. If I get any good ideas around the pose. It could be a really awesome pose, but if its a shitty background then it ruins it for me imo

"Im having a problem with SFM. (insert problem)"
I’m more then happy to help people who are having problems with SFM but if you ask the question as an Anon, how do you expect me to answer you properly?

"Where did you get (model)?"
Again, I’m more then happy to tell people but I don’t want to post links of models as a separate post. Also, more then likely, the model in question is a private release model which means it’s not available to the ‘public’

"Why haven’t you done any animations with (character)?"
If I haven’t use certain characters, then 1. I’m sorry and 2. I don’t think anyone has ever asked. If it’s for a game I haven’t played, I normally stray away and not use them. But if someone suggests something with 2 characters, then I would try to use them.

"Are you going to make another download of all your animations again?"
Wow, I’m surprised someone remembered that. Anyway, yes. I’ll try to get around to putting that together soon. I’ll also look at doing that BitTorrent Sync that the cool kids are doing

"Can people add you on steam?"
I haven’t been trying to hide my steam profile so if anyone does wanna add me, feel free. Im sure just searching oLowRider in steam will find me. I’ve got a Clara pic on atm (just don’t bombard me with messages pls)

If anyone has any OTHER question then the ones said above, then there’s always the “Ask me a question” button you can use and I can answer you. Just bear in mind that I’m more likely to answer questions from people who don’t hide behind Anon

Also, shameless plug time, but for all the new people around here who haven’t seen the MASSIVE BANNER at the top of the blog, I made a subreddit ages ago for SFM porn /r/SourcePornMaker. It’s a subreddit for all SFM porn, not just animations

So any more questions, just ask me them here